SoCal 99 Barbell 626 San Gabriel Valley Powerlifting & General Fitness Hybrid gym!

99 Barbell Fitness Arcadia is your local SoCal Powerlifting Gym & General Fitness Gym in the 626 San Gabriel Valley. Equipped with both professional powerlifting equipment and bodybuilding machines, the best of both worlds is combined here at 99 Barbell. Boasting a facility that caters to not only powerlifting but also general fitness and bodybuilding is a claim we take very seriously. Whether you’d like to complete some cardio after your squats and bench, or finish some hypertrophy on our machines, your needs will certainly be met. Whether you are a beginner or an avid lifter, this is the best place to be. No matter what your physical and athletic goals are, 99 Barbell is here to help. Additionally, we also offer personal training for weight loss, physique, muscle & strength conditioning and powerlifting. Lastly, we also offer Acupuncture Services for sport Injuries, weak immune system, stress and much much more!