Collared Scholar Fitness Challenge Day 3 “Core”

Collared Scholar Fitness Challenge Day 3 “Working the Core”

You know these games have come at a good time! It’s simply too hot for our usual run abouts and fetch games, so exercising their body in other ways is working out for me.

K9 Cavalettis – another one that overlaps with out sports vet! I like the tip about putting the kibble down into the obstacle to slow the dog down and have them think more about the obstacle.

I know we have actual cavalettis but i used the ladder for this as it’s more solid for ol’ clumsy. Thyme is at 2:35 and he actually did pretty well with them! The trick for the slower speed helps.

Weaves – fun though. i’ve been wanting to do this one since i saw @bigpointyears video with logan of adorable. Thyme at 5:41 for this

Figure 8 – stationary weaves! thyme had no idea what i wanted! he was so enthusiastic it was a struggle to lure him! thistle picked it up pretty quickly which was fun. also two dogs mobbing me lol. tossed treats to keep one distracted. hard to do downstay when im bending over to give food to another dog :O

Note 7:13, Thistle trying to get my attention with tricks on the cavalettis that i didn’t see at all because SHES BEHIND ME.