Ask The Sioux Falls Fitness Expert Episode 6

How do I stay Committed to my fitness and nutrition program?

Here’s how to avoid that “on again, off again” roller coaster and not only reach your goals but maintain them long term.

If I sat down with you 1-1, I would ask you a series of questions.

⓵ What are your health & fitness goals?
⓶ Why are those goals important to you?
⓷ On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to reaching those goals?

We first have to know what the destination is, that’s your goal. The committment has to be an 8 or higher or the timing is just ot right for you to get started. Those are both important points but the most important is WHY you are doing what you are doing.

Why do you want to lose weight?
Why do you want to get healthy?
Why do you want more energy?

Let’s say your goal is to drop 30 pounds. Your initial answer to the question WHY is, “I want to feel better.”

Why do you want to feel better? “Because I have no confidence.”

Why don’t you have the confidence? “Because I hate the way I look.”

Why do you hate the way you look?

You keep going through this process until you uncover the real reason WHY. It has to be emotional and effect you at the gut level.

Until you take the time to go through this exercise you will continue to look for the perfect workout and ideal diet.

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