7 COMMON FITNESS MISTAKES – Dropping carbs, resting, cheat days and more!

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My 7 common mistakes in the gym or on your fitness journey:

1. Not following a program with progress. Reps, set, exercises.
2. Not focusing on targeting my weakest point on my body. Always have had problem with growing my booty. Also abs
3. Push myself more. Nothing to compare with. Stay in the comfort zone and don’t switch up the workouts
4. Following the same program for to long. We have to challenge ourselves. Reps, set, tempo, rest between sets
5. Not resting enough. Motivation gets low. No energy during the session. Body gets stressed. Give the body time to rest. PLAN the rest days
6. Dropping carbs when I wanted to cut. No energy and motivation dropped. Also last minute cutting. Jojo dieting and no balance. Give it time. If you wanna cut down.. be patient!
7. Eating to little in the weeks and over consuming on the weekends. Feeling bloated and full.

Important to have a program that is specific to YOU! We all are different! My goals can be different from yours.

I wanna spread love to the training! I wanna inspire and give good content. I want you to feel motivated by looking at my instagram or YouTube. I don’t want you to compare with me. I want you to find the joy in building your body strong.
I don’t compare with anymore besides myself. Cuz that’s the only one I should be compared with, myself!
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